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Jawahir Al-Mauly

Founder + CEO

A cultural anthropologist and DEI expert. Jawahir is always very keen to understand how people’s ways of living can be dictated by social environments, how identities can create restrictions in gaining access to resources and what we can do to help enhance the quality of life for communities some consider as marginal.

Fun Fact:

Jawahir is known to randomly burst out laughing when remembering something funny… but then refuses to share what it is when asked.

Our Team -

Rist Van de Weyer

Chief Operations Officer

An analytical, organisational and technical expert. Rist is a final year PhD student in molecular plant science with a masters in molecular biology and a background in agricultural sciences. He has extensive knowledge in project management, data analysis, independent research and outreach and science communication.

Fun Fact:

Rist truly believes he is an amazing dancer but this is yet to be proven… or seen.

Our Team -

Tariq Adam

Chief Technology Officer

An organised, dependable and goal oriented IT specialist. Tariq is in charge of providing guidance, solutions and technical expertise for Ujamaa Spice Co. With his skillset and lived experienced as an ethnic minority, Tariq is able to combine his two passions of technology and making a difference in people’s lives.

Fun Fact:

Rumour has it that Tariq can only focus when listening to a particular 90's boy band and when told to turn it off, he asks... 'tell me why?'

Our Team -

our zanzibar team


Mahir Nassor

Head of Operations (Zanzibar)

Manages all activities relating to compliance, reporting and standards in Zanzibar. He is also an experienced and passionate drone pilot!

Fun Fact:

Mahir is still wondering whether the expiration date on water bottles is for the water or the bottle?

Our Team -

Abdulrahman Bakar

Freelance Videographer

Manages all activities relating to videography – from pre to post production. He is the embodiment of Zanzibari ingenuity and creativity.

Fun Fact:

The word ‘no’ does not exist in Abdulrahman’s vocabulary… but only when being offered chapati.


Hunayza Mohamed

Freelance Photographer

Not only is she in charge of capturing all our beautiful shots in Zanzibar, but she is also challenging traditional notions of gender roles.

Fun Fact:

Notoriously known as the queen… of tam tam crab cakes. Make sure to always take some with you when traveling with her.

Our Team -

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