Meet our Farmers

Our spices come from small villages and subsistence farmers in Zanzibar. 

With us you won’t find any large scale, orderly rows of monoculture spice plants. Instead, you will find our spices growing between the banana and jackfruit trees which the farmers use to feed themselves and their families.

We believe imperfect spices are better than mechanically sorted supermarket-looking ones. We feel it gives them character, and makes them even more delicious for that very reason. 

Learn about the farms and the people who have grown the spices we proudly share with you on their behalf!

To see our introduction video and meet the farmers we work with, just press the play button on the video or click on the YouTube link below.

Meet our Farmers -
Tea Estate




Kibeni is located at the northern tip of Unguja, Zanzibar’s southernmost island.
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Kidichi Cooperative

Black Pepper • Cinnamon • Cloves

Kidichi Farm

The cooperative we work with in Kidichi is located in what once was the private property of the first Sultan of Zanzibar and Oman.
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Mitakawani VILLAGE

Cardamon • Ginger • Nutmeg • Moringa • Pili Pili • Lemongrass • Hibiscus

Mitakawani VILLAGE

Right in the middle of the Southern island of Unguja lies the small village of Mitakawani.
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HERKULU Tea Estate

Black Tea

HERKULU Tea Estate

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