The Supply Chain

Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes from when the spices leave the farmer in developing countries to when they reach you?

We estimate a minimum timeframe of approximately two years, and this is not even taking into account the amount of time the spices sit on supermarket shelves before being purchased.

Not only is this traditional supply chain ineffective and untransparent, it is also based on a form of neo-colonialism where concepts of hierarchy, exploitation and control are still very much being practised.

the traditional

spice supply chain

The Supply Chain -
The Supply Chain -

Ujamaa on the other hand is breaking that cycle by simplifying the process through the decolonisation of the traditional supply chain, giving power and agency back to farmers over the price they receive and the quality of the final product.

We all deserve better, not only the consumer, but also the producer. At Ujamaa we guarantee same year harvest to ensure quality and freshness.

The single-origin spices we provide ensures the customer can experience one particular taste at its purest form, unique to that particular environment.

We hope to be able to influence consumers to purchase more consciously, benefitting not only them but also the people who work very hard to provide the spices to them.

So come help us revolutionise the spice trade!

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The Supply Chain -

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