why single origin spices?

Buying single origin spices guarantees that you receive your product straight from the source! This also means that our farmers earn a fair wage for all their hard work and your dishes will experience flavours that are vibrant, high quality and of the purest form.

are your spices organic?

While our spices are not certified organic, as this is a very extensive and expensive process which is currently not achievable for the smallhold farmers we work with, they do grow all of their spices organically. You won’t find any monoculture of crops in our farmers’ fields, they work according to permaculture principles.

are your products gluten-free?

While we take the utmost care to keep our products gluten-free, we cannot guarantee this. For example, our powders might be milled by equipment that has been used to process gluten-containing products and therefore we cannot guarantee no traces of gluten remain.

are your products vegan?

All of our products are 100% suitable for vegans.

do your spices contain any allergens?

Since our spices are grown on rural smallhold farms where people grow food for their own livelihood as well, our spices might have come in contact with known allergens such as gluten, nuts and sulfites.

is your packaging home compostable?

Our spice jars can be easily reused or refilled and the labels are made of a plant based biodegradable material. Our chai packaging is also 100% made from cardboard and thus fully recyclable or compostable. To preserve the chai freshness and because we do not use aluminium or plastic inner lining, it is kept in a home compostable plant based ‘Natureflex’ bag.

While a lot of the commercially available so-called compostable packaging is not suitable for home composting at all, we are proud to say that we offer fully home compostable refill bags for our spices. Just add them to your paper recycling or to your compost bin. Due to them being 100% compostable, they currently come without a resealable seal. 

what do you mean by decolonizing the spice supply chain?

Read about this and learn about our supply chain here

how do you price your spices?

We set our prices to reflect the amount of work our farmers have to put in to be able to present you with a beautiful product that took them months or sometimes even years or decades of proper care and experience to grow and process.

The traditional spice trade is based upon the colonial model of exploiting cheap labour in third world countries, making them cheaply available in the West. We pay our farmers the price they believe they deserve to be paid.

is it normal my spices come in different sizes,shapes and colours?

Our spices are grown by different small hold farmers which all use their own cultivars and production methods. Most of them do not own any equipment to do any kind of sorting on size, colour, density etc. This causes our spices to come in all sorts of shapes and colours as well as flavours. We believe in minimising waste and presenting the spices to you as they are proudly grown by our farmers.

why don’t you accept returns?

Due to it being a food product, we sadly cannot take any returns. If your item has arrived damaged or there is a problem, please do contact us at contact@ujamaaspice.com.

do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the UK, but please do contact us if you’d like to order internationally and we will see what we can do for you!

how long will my parcel take to arrive?

UK Shipping: All our products are posted within 1-2 business days after processing to the delivery address provided. Delivery date may vary depending on location and shipping method.

how should I store my spices?

Keep your spices dry, cool and away from light if possible.

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