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Noun / Pronunciation /ˌʊdʒaˈmɑː/

A Swahili term for brotherhood, it also describes the cooperative system setup in Tanzania in 1968. It translates to ‘family’ and ‘community’ and is widely used to mean “local people cooperating to provide for one another.”

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Ujamaa Spice Co. is an innovative company with a social mission, proudly working to decolonise the spice supply chain and bring the highest quality, single origin Zanzibar spices directly from Zanzibari farmers to you!

We work directly with smallhold Swahili farmers in Zanzibar to ensure the equity and their single origin fairtrade spices, meaning we empower them to set their own prices and therefore control the quality and integrity of their own products.

We also support them to revitalise traditional Zanzibari spice farming methods to ensure a sustainable, fair and ethical supply of the highest quality, recently harvested spices, bringing you the flavours and spirit of Zanzibar, the Spice Islands!

single origin zanzibar spices

the spice islands

While not much is known about Zanzibar, except it being a paradise destination for tourism (which it absolutely is), Zanzibar actually has one of the most diverse socio-cultural settings due to its long history of influence from traders, merchants and settlers.

It is also historically known as the ‘Spice Islands’ and once had one of the most thriving trading ports in the world due to its high quality production of spices and subsequent global demand.

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single origin zanzibar spices

rooted in community, inspired by taste!

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